IO3: Mentor Up – Online learning platform

The online learning platform will aim at offering a structured form of distance learning and ensure the formation of young people and youth workers wishing to become or act as mentors for future ESC volunteers. It will contain specific information, data, and content relevant to some of the most common issues in this context. This training design will be based on the practical experience of each partner involved, and it will help young people and youth workers to be more acquaintance and familiar with the context in which such projects are being developed, to understand the context in which the mentors activate and will be drawn in writing based on procedures and conclusion of the members of the organizations involved while working with EVS/ESC volunteers until now. As such, the promoters aim at ensuring a more professional basis of training for the future youth workers active in the field of ESC mentoring and reinforced mentoring and in the same time support together with the manual which will also be created the development of the sector, raise awareness among the organizations involved in such projects of the importance of the mentorship activities and especially the relevance of preparing the future young people which are acting as mentors for ESC volunteer.

The promoters would like to engage in creating this design as an online tool and test it for an initial number of participants from all countries involved and leave it afterwards as an open educational resource which will be available and accessible from everywhere and for every person that would like to improve their abilities in this area or to better perform as mentors in their activity with the ESC volunteers. In a more short way, the purpose of the training is to develop 3 types of competences of people who will engage as mentors: communication, intercultural sensitivity, and entrepreneurship (with an accent on practical facilitation skills of the learning processes of mentees).

The structure of the online training design will consist of 5 complete modules, each having multiple sessions and sub-sessions. The 5 modules will consist of and regard the following major topics:

  • Module I. Mentorship service in the context of ESC projects. Roles and responsibilities.
  • Module II. Profile of the mentor, core competencies and abilities. Ethics and professional code.
  • Module III. Methods and instruments used in mentorship activity.
  • Module IV. Conflict resolution and mediation. Crisis management.
  • Module V. Reinforced mentorship vs. simple mentorship activity.

Once the online training design will be ready and posted on the platform that will be created, the partner organizations involved will plan to ensure visibility of it and promotion among its members and outsides, youth workers interested to become future mentors for the ESC volunteers. They will be selected based on a procedure (consisting of a CV and a motivation letter) and granted access to the training course online.

Once the participants will attend the full training and pass all steps, they will receive a non-formal certification of recognition of their new competences acquired or developed based on a final assessment done by the partners involved.

This platform is covering a key need that youth organizations have in terms of managing volunteering projects.

This online learning platform is going to contribute to improving the quality of the following ESC projects implemented by the partner’s organizations, as well as by the youth workers engaged during the dissemination phase.

Additionally, the platform will contribute to the promotion of the European Solidarity Corps program and attract new participants, mentors and volunteers.

We still don’t know how will the world change after the COVID-19 pandemic, but we believe that initiatives and online platforms like this one, will contribute to continuing sharing knowledge, best practices and experiences among organizations even in situations with reduced mobility of the people.