IO2: Mentor Up – Manual

The goal of this manual is to provide a more structured and professional set of tools, methods, and procedures useful for mentors in working with the ESC volunteers, to increase in this way the mentorship service offered to the ECS volunteers engaged in voluntary stages abroad and to offer the possibilities to the interested organizations to access its content and incorporate it within the preparation phases or training of the future mentors in their organizations. Also, this is a continuous source of resources for the mentors in building stronger development paths for the ESC volunteers, to follow their own involvement and to ensure the processing of their learning outcomes as well as to ensure proper and effective integration of the EVS volunteers in a new context and environment of the hosting organizations and the hosting communities in which they are placed.

The training methodology was developed on the basis of the first IO – the Training Need Analysis of the target group, providing the necessary tools they need for offering better qualitative in their work, filling the skill gaps previously discovered.

The manual contains relevant information, data and practical aspects concerning at least 10 methods/instruments and resources used in the field of mentorship service considering all the main types of support that a mentor has to offer to the ESC volunteers: personal support, help in the process of integrating into the local hosting community and the processing of the learning experiences, personal development plan and acquisition of specific abilities.

The manual’s content regards the main pillars of mentorship. The summary of the manual includes relevant introductory information about the general roles/responsibilities of the mentor in the context of an ESC project, relevant procedures useful for evaluating the needed competencies of the future young people/youth workers involved as mentors in the ESC projects, a general profile and a basic quality standard, ethic and professional code of mentors as separate chapters integrated into the full manual publication.

Besides the introductory section, specific attention is also being given to the ending section where information about the possibilities of adapting and putting into practice the methods/instruments and resources made available through the manual is presented in order for the users to be able to comply with them and understand the importance and usefulness of them in the context of increasing the quality of their mentorship services and the quality of the voluntary stages of the ESC volunteers hosted.

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