C1: Joint staff training event

The main aim of the joint staff training event that took place was to train relevant staff of each participating organization on how to apply the training methodology in mentoring volunteers and how to further exploit it among fellow youth workers. The event also provided guidelines on sustaining project results.

Each partner undertook a selection campaign among its staff and selected (potential) mentors to participate in the joint staff training, according to the previously agreed criteria. The partners agreed to split the training days into 2 parts: morning sessions with the predominance of presentation and lecture components and afternoon sessions for practical and teamwork (experiential learning). One training day lasted between 6 and 8 hours, depending on the expediency of the group and following the judgment of the trainer.

The training contents and learning methods included a mixture of panel discussions and experiential sessions, focused on key topics related to the organization and implementation of different methods in mentorship. Peer-to-peer learning was constantly encouraged in order to emphasize the exchange of good practices between partners. For the opening and closing up of the days, various non-formal learning methods were applied. These methods allowed for reflection and self-assessment. The goals of this activity were to raise the capacities of the organizations’ staff and equip them with new tools, resulting in fully prepared mentors for ESC volunteers and offering better quality in their services.